Main races: in the works (conversion)

All races are physically compatible with others in terms of mating. However, the more pure racial the parents are the less likely it is they will conceive a child. Two purebloods have roughly a 25% of conception and rising as the purity of either parent diminishes to approximately a 60% for mutts. Children of different racial parents become fully of one race or the other according to the potency of racial lines within the parents. A pureblood orc mating with a Tarlash with 50% Tarlash and 50% Human has a 50%, 25% and 25% respectively to come out accordingly. In general mating outside of one’s own race is disfavored but allowed, although it can and has caused issues between parents and child along with effects that target races when the racial heritage is diluted or mixed enough. In short no half whatevers.

Orc (Loyal, Smiths, Survivors)

Primary Creator: Dierdre “Deaths Mistress”

Physical Notes
Orcs vary greatly in height much like humans and elves. They typically have darker skin tones of brown, blue, black and green. Hair tends to be coarse but same color ranges a humans. Their eyes tend to be shades of amber, orange and brown. While omnivores they have a full set of canine teeth making it easy for chewing meat and identification when bodies are too mangled otherwise.

Cultural Notes
While many Orcs can be found living abroad by themselves they are the exception to the rule as more so than other races Orcs are family centric. Orcs are well known for the efforts taken to maintain even intermittent contact with family members and friends. While typically friendly towards other races, to be called friend or more rarely family by any Orc is monumental and never to be taken lightly as the individual in question will be acknowledged as such by family members.

Historic Notes
The Starlord Occupation while disturbing and gruesome to many an Orc, wasn’t nearly so bad for them as it was for other races. Although the Starlords were renowned for driving many an artist, Orc in particular, beyond anything within reason.

Height and weight are proportional to build, ST and HT.

Talented Hands: Has advantage with tools for making small items. (smithing, art, brewing, cobbling ect)
Heirloom: ?
Hard to Kill: see half orc ability 5ed.
Cast Iron Stomach: has advantage vs poison, sickness disease.
+2 to Con

Dwarf 35 (Passionate, Architects, Innovative)

Primary Creator: Dalseem “The Juggernaut”

Physical Notes
Dwarves don’t vary much in height or weight unlike their fellows and when they do it’s very noticeable. Tending on the hairy side for all involved Dwarves coloring also tends towards darker skin tones not unlike Orcs and if anything are darker than them. More often Dwarves are very dark browns or reds that look brown, blue that looks black and black like pitch with hair colors to match the range of colors. Some Dwarves deliberately dye hair as means to make a statement, rarely fashion although it’s not unheard of.

Cultural Notes
Dwarves are caring but tend more towards tight knit communities of professions or class. They tend to not only talk shop all day long but are usually working on something actively in some capacity, from mental calculations, physical labor or making connections to further the activity. It’s hardly ever about being better than another type of worker or class but the fact that they fall in love with what they do. Dwarves often appear to be overwhelming of the other races in personal interactions when it’s really just dwarven passion, something that has made it into more than a few stories and proverbs.

Historic Notes
Of significant note is Dwarves history with beards, often used as a means of status and even family standing, during the Starlord Occupation the dwarves were of particular interest as was their beards and suffered. The Starlords aimed at unhinging them (more so than the others) and their natural talents, surmised by the results of leading many to create awesome wonders of madness that worsened the state of things. In an effort to move past a time when they were singled out for their natural talents and passion Dwarves collectively swore an oath to no longer wear beards. While other races may not understand the significance or reasoning it is something all learn one way or another not to argue with a dwarf about or even bring up lightly.

The first acknowledged berserkers were dwarves. Those so immersed in the emotions driving their passion that they attain awesome feats but eventually exhaust themselves for extended periods of time unless properly trained. All emotions can be used for the basis of berserkers and can be telling when one is witness to such.

Height and weight: Average is 5’ +/- 3” and 120 lbs +/-20 lbs (May adjust later but roughly accurate)

Master Builders: Has advantage with any tool dealing with large structures/items. (Architect, Carpentry, Masonry)
keen hearing and touch: advantage on perception dealing with touch or sound
Versatile: gain 1 skill proficiency
+2 Int
+1 Con

Human 35 (Fierce, Guardians, Spiritual)

Primary Creator: Zalar “The Scour”

Physical Notes
Humans vary in the terms of size greatly according to their surroundings and nutrition intake. Their hair and skin are varied from a light pale to a dark brown depending on regional standards. Hair tends to be within blonde, brunette and redheads with a good deal of shading.

Cultural Notes
Humans learn early on to form close knit relationships with others as they are beset upon from an early age by the mostly unseen world of spirits. It is rare to find humans without company for long, although they may have invisible friends for real, as without support even the greatest of mountains is worn to nothing, a proverb all humans understand if not taught. Being involved with spirits from such an early age, humans are more prone to trust based on knowledge rather than feeling as well as avoid any binding deals until they’ve gone over it thoroughly. Yet they are also one of the first races in general to step up to resolve or handle problems from any quarter.

Historic Notes
During the Starlord Occupation the Humans likely fared the best, already used to unfriendly and weird spirits who then became instrumental in surviving the nightmare. Humans were able to form a network the Starlords couldn’t use or tear down so to speak, enabling some refuges to survive and live on with little taint or corruption. Still, stories of maddened humans that ruined or even destroyed some areas of the outer realms sends shivers through the races of current day.

Height and weight are proportional to build, ST and HT.

Fearlessness: Advantage vs any fear effect
Medium: sense and communicate with spirits within 60’.
Charisma +2

Elf 35 (Stalwart, Explorers, Focused)

Primary Creator: Quen-Kor “Ruins Fortune”

Physical Notes
Elves vary widely in terms of height although most are lean in build give or take due to the usual active life most elves lead. Hair coloring is closest to humans (shades of blonde, brunette, redhead) but also include green and blue in various shades. Their complexity ranges from pale to a golden honey depending more on time spent out or in sunlight. Their eyes tend to be larger than not, enough to note, coloring tends to fall into shades of oranges, browns and blues.

Cultural Notes
To say Elves on the whole enjoy exploring, from lands, food and life in general is like saying a gourmet simply likes food. Elves are often among the first to discover new ways of doing things as well as make contact out of their home regions. Elves tend to foster healthy yet practical relationships with others while present but don’t hold onto such if people are no longer present in their life. Which leads to most mixed bloods usually being part elven and elven family trees a nightmare for scribes. Many have made the.mistake of thinking elves mercurial or whimsical only to be proven, usually tragically, wrong as it is a matter of elves don’t hold onto impractical or sentimental relationships as thats what memories are for. One old Proverb states: “Beware the wandering elf, fear the elf who’s made a home or friend.” It’s rarely hard to know where one stands with an elf as they do not enter into agreements or lasting relationships lightly, but once done it’s sealed.

Historic Notes
Elves had an awkward role during the Star Lord occupation as their natural attitudes made it hard for their dominators to truly affect them as a whole. Yet it is the fact that they often had to watch friends and brethren succumb to madness and were usually the instruments in destroying those that went rabid, often their own friends. It was a matter of not being able to do enough and having to end the sickness rather than tend it in your sibling. It doesn’t matter that it was mostly the part of elven explorers that found ways to hide or even strike back at the Star Lords, in the minds of many elves they didn’t do enough neverminding the impossible situation.

Height and weight are proportional to build, ST and HT.

Fast: +10’ Base walking speed
Absolute Direction: always knows which way is north
Keen Senses: Adv on percetion using sight, smell or taste
+1 wisdom
+1 dex

Korvas 35 (Vigorous, Keepers, Prudent)

Primary Creator: Kirian “The Unforgiving”

Physical Notes
Korvas vary as much as the other races, barring dwarves, but tend to be on the heavier side of weight as natural light scales adorn their bodies with a huge spectrum of coloring depending upon where they were born, often reflecting their natural homeland. Unlike the other races the Korvas have many traits suited to predators such as retractable claws within their hands and feet in addition to teeth that can easily tear into the toughest of hides. While not especially at home in the water they are naturally suited to underwater travel with the capacity to breath in and out of water. Their hair is usually very light, thin and sparse but for the head, coloring tends to reflect their scaling. Korvas eyes are usually the most startling for the least friendly looking race as they not only have any color of eye but slight luminescence and that actively sparkles, as if looking into a moving starry night.

Cultural Notes
Family comes first from the start as where one comes from sets their path. Tradition is often what’s accepted as what comes after family although unofficially. Korvas tradition is steeped in the wisdom of what has helped and hindered their kind, from kingdom to individual and so it is not simply passing on but understanding the why of things. When things change it is often due to the age old question, “If you don’t like it then how would you make it better?”, being answered. It is for this sort of prudence that Korvas are not feared for their physical blessings and often sought advisors let alone allies. While the other races tell stories and enjoy them it is the Korvas who hoard them and remember when no one else does.

Historic Notes
While the other races suffered and were driven mad by the Star Lords the Korvas shared similar fates often enough but drew great attention for their hatred. As it was in this era that Korvas berserkers became common. For the Star Lords were the embodiment of what most Korvas still think of currently as their antithesis. Hate drove many to death in confrontations they couldn’t win but also gave the Star Lords enough to pause, leaving others to protect and shelter not only other people but lore and ways of life. The Korvas as a whole never accepted leaving their descendants to the Star Lords or a world washed of the trials and tribulations of millennia, the price was high and paid in full.

Height and weight are proportional to build, ST and HT but tend on the heavier side than the lighter.

Claw and tooth: bite and unarmed attacks deal 1d4
Scaled: When not using armor may add constitution with dexterity to determine AC
Waterborne: able to see and breath in water unhindered.
Strength +2

Tarlash 35 (Broadminded, Avengers, Cunning)

Primary Creator: Elaria “Goodmother”

Physical Notes
While not nearly as short as dwarves, typically, Tarlash tend towards the shorter spectrum compared to the other races. Their coloring tends to range from a rusty red which turns to a sea green with more sun. Their hair varies in coarseness and is usually shades of blue and purple. The most common eye color is hazel affected by mood, otherwise greens and blues.

Cultural Notes
The Tarlash are well known as scholar warriors and being the most militantly minded of the races even in the current era. Not a warmongering people but easily those that finish any fight they are pulled into. Many Tarlash feel the other races were given less by their creator as they were given great gifts rather than great challenges. While easy to use their shapeshifting to manipulate and spy, which is done when needed, the Tarlash use their ability as a means to master themselves and learn more of their cousins before meeting them. Life for the average Tarlash is harsh as most are tested time and again to know who they are and what they are not. For this the Tarlash are often in roles of ambassadors and high ranking military for realms where their subtle and hard hands can work efficiently. While they are often rather broad minded and easily get along well with all sorts the Tarlash are legendary for being unforgiving to those that flagrantly disregard or disrespect others, many a vicious war has been started and carried on for stupidly bad parenting.

Historic Notes
The Tarlash are currently still recovering for the Star Lord occupation as they had it worst. For some reason the Tarlash seemed to be able to slip unnoticed by and large of the oppressors which helped resistance immensely, yet once found out a pogam of sorts was set into motion that saw massive amounts of Tarlash vanish only to become adornments and new delicacies for the Star Lords. Yet it was still not enough, for when the dust cleared there were but a few still left standing but that was enough.

Height and weight are proportional to build, ST and HT but usually are at the lowest height for build.

Myriad faces: Alter self at will
Trained with Light and medium armor and two Martial weapons.
Hidden thoughts: Adv vs any mind or emotion reading.
Intelligence +2

Main races: in the works (conversion)

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