History of the world: basic


The world of Asellus is old, old enough that nobody really knows. What is known though is that this is the third era of the world. The first saw wonder and amazement with achievements so awesome it took the divines breath away and made the universe shudder in joy. Yet with such great heights the fall was simply epic. At the end of the first era there were but six left of a dozen divine pantheon hundreds strong apiece. No civilization, so little life it beggared the mind and soul, no hope for a home drenched in love and hate. So it was that the six strange partners unto the end chose to give hope a chance and made new life. As there were six gods they each made a race then blessed by all.

Dalseem “The Juggernaut”, god of Beauty, Love and Passion created the Dwarves as a testament for creating wonder and living life despite it’s toils.

Zalar “The Scour”, god Plague and Tribulation created Humans testifying conflict strengthens and culls yet without others there is nothing.

Kirian “The Unforgiving”, god of Lost, Forgotten and Memories created the Korvas as testaments to strength of tradition and ability to move past.

Dierdre “Deaths Mistress”, goddess of Fallen Warriors and Craftsmanship, created Orcs to testify of excellence and what is needed not wanted.

Quen-Kor “Ruins Fortune”, god of Travelers and Luck, created the Elves as a testament of knowing and valuing the world and oneself.

Elaria “Goodmother”, goddess of Guardians, Vows and Children created the Tarlash in testimony of faith beyond flesh and blood.

After the creation of the new races the gods set forth for a distant place so as not to be reminded daily of all that had gone before and possibly revisit the past upon the newly created future. Alongside the new races the gods created new life in the form of animals and various creatures to attempt to set a balance. Thus started the second era.

None know for sure when but after a great time when the first true empire spanned most of the world came the end of the golden age for the races of Asellus. Alien is the only correct word to describe the Starlords as they are called, no name or form of address was ever given to the races. Varied as nothing else in existence can be the Starlords came and simply dominated the world in odd ways. There was no war or conquest, they arrived and with alien ways of magic and technology bent and twisted the people unto breaking. A chaotic time in which records and oral histories spin grotesque tales beyond imagining, people feed to goats and reborn into gods then slaughtered and left, swirling lights of colors that shouldn’t exist learning poetry and other things to break mind or soul. Then just as they’d come, brief moments of something else and some violence followed by the Starlords absence in total. Some claims of bodies left behind but no real evidence of such to be found. Thus ended the second age.

The time now is a thousand years later. Memories are long and often not allowed to forget, yet the world and it’s people have moved forward. Kingdoms and realms alike have risen and fallen in an attempt to stabilize a world still looking over it’s shoulders to it’s predecessors and overlords. While over all successful the continent of Javonus is still a place rife with conflict, wild lands, relic filled ruins and ambition.

History of the world: basic

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