Gods and such

Life Bringers: Company of Berzerkers known for wiping out regimes of suffering and callousness.
Status: Gods
Realm: Passion, Life
Aspects: Battle, Justice
Race: Various
Age: Pre-star lords
House Role: Soldier of Passion, Soldier of Life.
Cult: Various. No true organized cult beyond any one city exists. More often spontaneous cults form in troubled regions then become established if survive.

Lord in the Mists: A man with talent and predilection in using mists, fogs and other obfuscating means. He is well known for having helped many elude and escape the Star Lords among other enemies and threats. There is always a price to be paid for his help, asked or not, ranging from children to cherished memories, favors to deeds and everything in between.
Status: God
Realm: Shadow
Aspects: Mist, Evasion, Bartering
Race: Human
Age: Star lords
House Role: Magi of Shadow
Cult: Dedicated followers within church of shadows. Often diplomats, faces and otherwise brokers for the church. Many play a dangerous game of bargaining with the god in attempting to gain and not give according to circumstance. He is well known for a long memory and patience.

Cariella: Once a noblewoman impassioned by the suffering fate of others by fellow nobles and even her own family that she berserked and never stopped.
Status: God
Realm: Passion
Aspects: Nobility, Compassion, Rage
Race: Elf
Age: Pre Star Lords
House Role: Queen of Passion
Cult: Highly romanticized by not only church for she was and still retains her shocking beauty. Usually dealt with carefully as she can be harsh in enforcing perspective even if accepted as right.

Father Midnight: Little is known of the quiet god aside from his tale of ascension or godhood (scholars debate still) by climbing to the top of Mt. Midnight and vanishing. Shortly thereafter being clearly identified as the God of Darkness.
Status: God
Realm: Darkness
Aspects: Darkness, Magic, Intrigue
Race: Dwarf
Age: Pre Star Lords
House Role: King of Darkness
Cult: His presence, which is more often than others, while usually unannounced and quiet is both comforting and ominous as he is often helpful yet unclear in his agenda or intentions with little ever gleaned until well after the fact and that which is learned only indicates deeper mystery.

Rissara the Dawnblade: He was a quick and powerful man of his time that strove to rid the world of the Star Lords and any others that would dare take away the dawn of a new day from the eyes of any Asellian.
Status: God
Realm: Light
Aspects: Judgment, Perseverance, Hope
Race: Korvas
Age: Star Lords era
House Role: Knight of Light, Knight of Fire
Cult: One of the most active and brazen of the gods. Numerous historical accounts have him personally battling with Star Lords. He is a god rightly feared by many, for while he may fight for others to live, even enemies, he cares little for the hows or whys. To live one may find themselves bound to other fates literally and figuratively.

Status: god
Realm: Death
Aspects: Entropy, Duty, Transformation
Race: Tarlash
Age: Pre Star Lords
House Role: King of Death
Cult: He is many things to many people, while he prefers his natural form he is well known for wearing masks of all varieties which can often give him a dark comedic look that can easily become chilling. He rarely interacts with the world at large, occasionally collecting people of particular note to him. Since his becoming the King of Death he has denied attempts to resurrect any ancestor that has passed into his care unless one is able to bargain with him directly. He’s known for his respect of duty and the sense of it as well the willingness to stand against him.

Mavinras: Once a pirate and privateer of great renown who often helped others find things they wanted or wished for only then to take her share as she saw it. Despite the treacherous nature she quickly became a favorite in stories and tales both tasteful and not. She continued well past the norm for her career and the living once ascended to eventually become the goddess she is today.
Status: god
Realm: Ocean
Aspects: Treasure, Ocean, Ships, Forgotten/Lost
Race: Orc
Age: Pre Star Lords
House Role: Queen of Oceans, Captain of Darkness
Cult: She promotes the self worth of individual to excessiveness, selfishness, with a soft heart towards the less fortunate.

Quinias: The only records of him are among old mage guilds as a peculiar practitioner of Sky and Beast magic. Apparently viewed as obsessed with anything within the skies he and his experiments were generally ignored until he somehow attained godhood.
Status: god
Realm: Skies
Aspects: Sky, Inventors, All things flying
Race: Human
Age: Pre Star Lord
House Role: Magi of Skies
Cult: He is aloof, inquisitive, bipolar and extremely deadly. His followers tend to mirror his example.

Kazgrin and Fallion: This pair is the backlash against the Star Lords, a sort of unintentional fire with fire lesson.
Status: Gods
Realm: Unaligned
Aspects: Open and spreading of madness (Kazgrin), closing and confinement of madness.
Race: Dwarf & Elf respectively
Age: Starlords era
House Role: None permanent, although they have been known to rotate through various herald roles occasionally.
Cult: The terrible two or dual faces of change as they are commonly known are always an unknown factor as it’s never certain if they know what they’re about. Many are those that become faithful of the two after having suffered from madness in some form and been visited by the duo with the result of death or release in a way from the madness. Those that are released from their madness posses an uncanny insight into others and the two gods which is both awe inspiring and eerily chilling yet are also some of the most faithful in the known world.

Gods and such

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