Death and ancestors


The general rule is upon death one becomes a ghost attached to their family, essentially a spirit ancestor. A system of sorts in place runs passing beyond the ancestral spirit stage as generational, once an adult (per rite of passage) of a younger generation dies the previous generation moves on. Non adults killed usually go to Deaths Realm. Plenty of exceptions exist, from lack of connections to family, orphans, to being bound by some kind of magic, or a ghost not accepting/understanding they died, as a few examples.

Moving on

Again the general rule is a person that moves on either goes to Deaths Realm or the Realm of the deity they served or who’s attention they attracted. After a undetermined time no less than two generations, a person may be given the opportunity to reincarnate and experience the world again or take on a new role if in service or relationship that allows to bargain with a deity. On general Deaths Realm is a place of rest, unless of course you earn Misha’s ire.


Any attempt to bring the deceased back into the world has to meet two criteria, a willing or forced spirit and Misha’s approval. Misha, see God of Death, is well known for denying such requests, to note records and accounts are known for successful redirections and not resurrections.

Death and ancestors

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